Compromise Art or

Our Mission

24K is a state of mind and lifestyle that transcends ordinary brands. 24K Wood Etched Brims are made from a variety of different wood grains. Our designs are custom and we add a high gloss finish to give it a classic and polished look. 24K features designs influenced by sports, art, music, and city life culture. 24K aims to communicate globally, with expression + lifestyle + soul. 24K brings the same progressive, collective consciousness that birthed the hip-hop, graffiti, and pop culture movement.

Our goal is to create a unique brand for Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, California, Florida, DC, Philadelphia, Mississippi, Texas, and Boston. And that's just the beginning.

Our Services


We offer embroidery and can design a custom brim to fit your brand.


Let us the know how many hats you need. We can give you a quote.


We back our product 100% with a lifetime warranty.