We source only the finest
high quality solid hardwood

How it works

You are your own brand and you’re building it every day. We can give you the tools to show it, loudly and proudly. Whether you’re looking to promote your business or just promote yourself, we have you covered every step of the way.

Our industrial-sized laser cutter enhances our capabilities to create custom products for your brand or business. Moreover, you’ll have the flexibility to run small and
large production.

We use hand rubbed finishes to craft our wood. Selecting the right materials for our pieces is essential, it celebrates the richness of the sustainable natural. We source only the finest high quality solid hardwood. Different species of hardwood are characterized by an infinite variety of graining and distinct textures.


Industrial size laser small or big jobs


Our wood patches are finished
and attahed by hand, so they look
pro. Send us your logo to make
your one of a kind hat a reality.


We have a low minimum size
order of 48. Whether you’re
looking to order 48 hat or 1000
we’ve got you covered.


We stand behind our work. WBH’S
guarantees that you will get the best quality hat, every time you order. Don’t take our word for it, check out some of our past orders.


The process of selecting the right materials for
our pieces is critical. We strive to showcase the richness
of our natural and sustainable hardwood. Woods we
use are Cherry, Mahognay, Purple Heart, White Oak,
and other exotic woods.

Send us your artwork. Pick your wood species. We will
prep files, laser cut, and engrave it for you.Next, we use a
steam method to curve each wood patch to fit the hat you select. Once bending is done the wood patch is sanded,
sealed with gloosy finish and attached.